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Free account setup to get you started immediately. We do everything for you!

Devices Supported

Support for iPhone 4 and onwards. Additional devices can also be supported. Ask a member of staff.

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Support for iOs 4.0 onwards. Additional operating systems can also be supported. Ask a member of staff.

Icon Design

Free icon design to provide your app the perfect identity it deserves.

Business Branding

Free welcome screens and splash screens to provide your business the perfect branding it demands


5 design revisions to provide you the perfect look and feel for your app

App Marketing

Optional App Marketing support to help you generate the amount of downloads and revenue you expect from your app.

Free Support

1 months free support to give you the peace of mind.

Optional Support

Optional app maintenance and support available with this package only for £29.99 per month

Amazon Kindle eBooks - Electronic Books

Amazon Kindle has emerged as one of the most popular ebook reading and library organising device. With more and more people publishing their book on Amazon Kindle, it is continuously getting popular amongst readers of all ages.

With our amazon kindle ebook services, you can now publish your book in no time and be found on the Amazon Kindle Platform, the leading platform for ebook sales.

    Examples of some typical ebook publication services we provide are as follows:
  • Kindle ebook design service.
  • Amazon Kindle ebook formatting service.
  • Amazon kindle ebook publication service.
  • Kindle ebook testing and formatting service

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