Dos and Don'ts for an eCommerce Website:

Dos and Don'ts for an eCommerce Website

Streamlined Interface and minimum content are the latest trends followed by the ecommerce website designers. Considering the screen size compatibility and impressive graphics, website layout is designed for limited text by most designers which might not fulfill the practical requirement for an ecommerce website. The most important part of an ecommerce website is to convert its prospects into customers. Designing for an ecommerce website should include all the possible features which can convince customers to make a decision for buying. One should not overdo the designing trends but follow an ideal approach which provides a wonderful shopping experience to the customers.


One of the most important things to take care is the security of an ecommerce website. For ecommerce websites involve payment transactions and personal sensitive information of the customers which can be at great risk. Securing transactions on an ecommerce website is a must.

Include all the possible information about the product and offer features like comparing the related products. Customers should not find any reason to leave the product page while searching for related information. Details provided on the product page should prompt the customers to make the decision of buying.

Personalize users experience by recommending items which relate to their past purchase or remembering things added to cart and not purchased in the past. This kind of attention is usually liked by people and makes their task easy by reducing the shopping time. Guided selling is also an important tool which can delight the customers and it personifies their shopping experience.

It is important to keep the design simple and readable, but it should not miss any of the important details about the product. Stock details, available colours, shipping details are important to describe on the product detail page. Sorting with a click for the brand, price, and colours can enhance the users experience if your website has huge inventories. Possibly include features like product comparison and prices for related products which will boost the decision making of the customer.

The easy checkout process is also one of the important requirements. Multiple safe and secure payment methods are a big convenience to customers.


Do not overload information on your ecommerce web. White spaces have its own importance and improve the user readability. Loading unnecessary text on your web can discourage the user to read all the details and they might miss the important details about the product.

Graphics are important but large and heavy images should be properly tailored and used so that it does not eat up users data pack. Every click should call for a quick action. There should be no wait time for the customers on the web.

Avoid display of irrelevant information. This can distract the users from products on your web. Frequent pop-ups can irritate users while they are checking out details of the products.

Never hide any extra charges which a customer has to pay for the product. The customer should not get surprised while they have the bill in their hands when they are on the verge of making the payment. Mention all the extra charges that the customer needs to pay for buying the product including the shipping charges.

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